On-demand reduction of alcohol in wine bottles for restaurants, while maintaining intact the winemakers intended quality and original properties.




We are a new start-up established in April 2018 by four owners with expertise in wine, engineering, investment and product management.

We have improved, miniaturized and accelerated the dealcoholization process by reducing the alcoholic content of wine while maintaining the quality of the original product (organoleptic and sensorial properties), exactly as the winemaker intended.

At Alacarte, we have developed a product that reduces the alcohol content of wine while keeping its taste, smell and original properties in tact.







  • CEO of Rakuten Spain and Labtrip

  • Partner at Inveniam Group

  • 10+ years Corporate Finance and startup experience launching companies to market

  • 2 years in the food industry


PERE CASTELLS- Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

  • 30+ years in food advisory

  • 10+ years at El Bulli(***) and F. Alicia

  • 5+ years at Bullipedia

  • Author- The Future of Cuisine

  • Harvard University Lecturer

  • Masters in Organic Chemistry- University of Barcelona


PERE PLANAGUMÀ- Founder & Expert Sommelier

  • Head of Cuisine at ROM Restaurant

  • 13 years as Chef at Les Cols

  • Lecturer of Science & Cooking at Harvard University for 5+ years

  • Sommelier Diploma from Universitat de Girona


ALEIX BARANDIARAN- Founder & Product Manager

  • 10+ years experience in program management, product development and engineering

  • 15+ years of experience in manufacturing processes, product design, testing and taking products from concept to production

  • Multi-industry experience having worked for ABB, Honeywell, Oracle and Sun Mircrosystems

  • BSc in Industrial Engineering- Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

  • 2008 Innovation Award Winner for the best product design in the whole Sun Mircosystems organization


The problem-


Alcohol has proven to have adverse health effects, leading consumers to decrease their consumption. Wine producers have been experimenting with low and non-alcoholic wine, but certain challenges are holding them back:

  • Current approaches of wine dealcoholization negatively affect the attributes of the wine and its quality.

  • Such approaches are very expensive, requiring a large setup and capital at an industrial scale.

  • The process is long, taking hours to perform and only in mass quantities.

  • Restaurants and bars have direct access to customers but are limited to what is available from producers and distributors.

The Solution-


At Alacarte, we have developed a product that reduces the alcohol content of wine while keeping its taste, smell and original properties intact.

Unlike the current industrial setups (only used by producers) our process has been miniaturized to a product small, fast and easy to use that is perfect for restaurants, bars or local distributors.

Take the unopened bottle from the cellar and put it in the machine. Choose the amount of alcohol to reduce, press start and wait. After 3 to 12 minutes (depending on the wine to reduce) you have a low to non-alcohol bottle of wine. Both seal and cork remain untouched due to our unique and soon-to-be-patented pronged header used for the wine extraction/insertion.


  • Helps prevent health problems caused or worsened by alcohol

  • Lowers calories of wine to consumer’s diet


  • Personalize a low or non-alcoholic drink from any bottle of wine

  • Meet new consumer demand and promote healthy menus


  • Respects the traditions and work done by the producers

  • Optimize their wine portfolio and save on CapEX

  • Maintains lifespan of wine by waiting to extract alcohol and conservatives at the point of sale



Alacarte Ventures, SL

C/ Ajuntament 4, El Vilar

Fontanals de Cerdanya, 17538 Girona